Why Stay in a Goa Serviced Villa or Apartment and Not a Hotel

Goa is the ultimate holiday destination in India. The very thought of a holiday in Goa will have you planning to relax, unwind, chill at the beach or by a pool. A Goa Holiday is also generally about spending quality time with your family or friends. Choosing the right accommodation for your trip can be slightly tricky. At the same time a bad decision can add unwanted stress and ruin the holiday.

Serviced villas and apartments in Goa are the best option for accommodation whether you are travelling  alone, with a group of friends or with family. Here are some benefits and reasons why you should stay in a serviced villa or apartment and not a hotel on your next visit to Goa.

You will Definitely Save Money

There are no hidden costs that can suddenly surprise you when you choose to stay in a service villa or apartment.

i) You can do your own shopping and can stock your fridge with whatever snacks and drinks you choose. This is  without worrying about the mini bar costs which you might do at a hotel.

ii) There are also no additional costs of room service and tipping.

iii) Rates are usually charged per villa or apartment instead of per head as is done in hotels so there is definitely a big saving if you are travelling in a group or as a large family.

iv) Most service villas and apartments have their own washing machines and ironing board and that proves to be very convenient and cost effective especially with the many trips to the beach and the pool.

A Private Fully Equipped Kitchen

One of the most convincing reasons to stay in a service villa or apartment is the convenience of having your own kitchen.

i) It is definitely cost effective and especially useful if you have a special dietary requirement where you have to cook your own food.

ii)You won’t have to worry about the extra costs every time you want a cup of tea.

iii) When it gets too hot outside you can get the kids involved in whipping  up a whole lot of goodies. It will keep them cool and occupied.

A Whole Lot of Space

Most people travelling to Goa come from the cities where space is at a premium.

i) Living in a villa in Goa is like owning a little piece of paradise for a few days.

ii) The size of a service apartment is way larger than that of a hotel room.

iii) You can also entertain guests or hold business meetings in your own private space and at your own timings.

iv) There is much more space for the children to run around in.  The adults too can retire to their rooms for privacy.  At the same time the group can gather all together in a common space for group activities.

Serviced villas and apartments give you that home away from home feeling. This is an experience that you do not get in hotels or guest houses. Check out our range of apartments and villas at Goa Casitas and prepare for a fun and memorable holiday in Goa.