If you’re planning a holiday to the tropical gem called Goa you might have noticed that it is divided into two parts. These are North Goa and South Goa. It is very easy to get confused between the two. This is more so if you’re not a local and don’t know anyone from Goa or haven’t been here before. There are so many different parts of Goa to choose from. Thus it becomes difficult to pick which place is perfect for your vacation plans. Both north and the south of Goa can offer you the best holiday experience. Here is a guide if you’re confused as to which part of Goa to you should stay at.

Every part of the emerald state of Goa is as unique and beautiful as the other. The best thing about this dot on the map is that it truly has something for everyone. That is even if you’re a ‘sun, sand and sea’ loving soul or someone who can dance the night away at the hottest club in town. Goa is the best place for you to spend the holiday of your dreams without a hassle.


North Goa


North Goa Nightlife - Image Courtesy Source


The most action filled  part of Goa to stay at is North Goa.  If you are coming to Goa for a stay full of madness and sleepless club filled nights, North Goa has it all.  This side of Goa has loads of hustle and bustle. The most famous tourist areas of Goa such as Candolim, Calangute, Anjuna, Baga and Vagator are in North Goa. Here you’ve got everything you need for an incredible party-filled holiday. One has a whole array of nightlife locations to pick from. North Goa has a plethora of clubs and restaurants of every cuisine that dot the Candolim strip and the famous Titos lane in Baga,

North Goa Casino - Image Courtesy Source


If you’re the kind of person who likes to test their chances with lady luck, then North Goa is definitely a must-visit. This side of Goa hosts various different casinos that float on the Mandovi river. Each of them host games each night so you’ve got a chance to go home lucky. Hit the casinos and spin the wheel here to find out what’s in store for you!


North Goa Water sports - Image Courtesy Source


North Goa may seem like it’s the hub for clubbing and dancing the night away. However  it also offers a wide variety of other things for you to do. The beautiful windy beaches that stud North Goa’s coast, offers some amazing places for you to kick back and relax. It is the perfect setting for a day and evening at the beach after one too many beers and shots.

Beaches like Vagator and Anjuna offer you some crazy action-filled adventure activities and water sports. These include paragliding, windsurfing and dolphin watching to name a few. These water sports surely are an exhilarating experience. The time spent here will surely leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

Aguada Fort in Goa


If you want an authentic taste of Goa and crave for a little bit of history, North Goa has various forts around it. These are apart from several old churches and temples here. All these were built centuries ago by the different dynasties that ruled Goa. Visit some of North Goa’s most famous forts, like the Aguada Fort and Chapora Fort. The Chapora Fort is also famously known as the Dil Chahta Hai Fort. You can even take a trip to Old Goa. Here you can visit the historical churches or take the ferry to the island of Chorao and visit the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

If you’re a bit lost as to which parts of North Goa you want to visit you can always go for one of the various walking tours.  Else you can opt for a cycling tour too. Both these types of tours are incredibly informative. On these tours you’re bound to see some places that are off the beaten path for most tourists.


South Goa

South Goa Beach- Image Courtesy Source


South Goa is a peaceful tropical paradise.  It is definitely the right place for you to stay at if you’re coming to Goa for a break from your exhausting work or college life. It offers white-sand beaches and some of the yummiest restaurants and bakeries in Goa.  The south side of Goa is perfect for a relaxing holiday getaway


South Goa Goa Curdi- Image Courtesy Source

Visit the Atlantis of Goa- Curdi, a village that was submerged underwater in the 1980s. This was due to the reservoir of the Salaulim Dam in South Goa. This enchanting little village in South Goa rises up from the water once each year, during April when the water dries up. Over 3,000 people lived in this village before they had to rehabilitate due to the water.  One can see their old houses once the water recedes in April. Each year during that month, the old residents still go back to Curdi.  Here they celebrate a festival at the site of Someshwar Temple. If you’re in Goa during the summer then this is definitely a place you should visit.


South Goa Snorkelling - Image Courtesy Source


If you’re a water baby then snorkelling and scuba diving in the serene waters of South Goa are just where you should be. Go snorkelling with the exotic fish at Bat Island. Else scuba dive deep into the Arabian Sea in the waters around the island at various dive sites. These sites include Suzy’s Wreck and Davy Jones Locker to name a few.

Take a heritage walk through the serene village of Chandor and discover all its hidden secrets. Chandor in South Goa used to be the capital of Goa before the Portuguese came into power. Now, quaint Portuguese style houses are scattered throughout this beautiful village. This is what makes it a great background for a photo walk and to learn a thing or two about Goa’s past

South Goa Kayaking - Image Courtesy Source

Take a trip to Palolem if you thought that North Goa is the only place where you can enjoy water sports. This beach with its clear blue water is the best place to go kayaking in Goa. Grab your friends, hit the waves and take in the fresh air and the neverending clear sea that surrounds you. South Goa may be on the quieter side but it has the most breathtaking beaches Goa has to offer. Trek and head to Butterfly Beach and opt for a more secluded beach day. Else you can also head over to Agonda to sunbathe and swim.

Summarizing North and South Goa

There’s so much more that each part of Goa has to offer you, the only way you’ll know which part suits you best is to come and see for yourself. If you want the best of both worlds then divide your holiday by spending the first crazy few days moving to the beat of North Goa and then spend the latter half of your holiday relaxing, unwinding and soaking up some sunlight in South Goa.

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