The marvelous state of Goa is without a doubt one of India’s best holiday destinations. This state has something for everyone from the various beaches that dot its coast, to the green fields and churches and temples.  That being said, the real thing that makes your Goan experience so memorable is the mouthwatering delicious food here. The restaurants here in Goa offer you some of the finest food you’ll find.  Goa is a tropical state that is mostly known for its various seafood and non-veg dishes.  People often think that’s it is difficult to find good vegetarian food here. However this is not true, as Goa also offers several options for the vegetarians.  Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Goa that also have Jain and Vegan options.

Here’s a list of the top 7 vegetarian restaurants in Goa:

Hotel Gautam


Vegetarian Restaurant in Goa - Hotel Gautam


Hotel Gautam is located in Porvorim, in between Goa’s capital Panjim and the tourist hotspots such as Calangute, Candolim and Baga. It is a pristine white hotel which makes you feel as if you’re transported to a small Portuguese town. The restaurant inside this hotel offers you some of the best vegetarian food that you’ll ever find in Goa. This multi cuisine restaurant offers you a plethora of delectable veg food to choose from. They not only offer Gujarati, Chinese and Punjabi cuisine but Continental options as well. Thus you’re bound to leave this place with an extremely happy tummy. Another plus side that this restaurant has to offer is that they also offer Jain food. So if you’re looking for a Jain option then do try out their Gujarati thali.

Location: Porvorim, Chogm Road

Approximate Price for two: Rs. 1000/-


Navtara Veg Restaurant

The Navtara chain of vegetarian restaurants is definitely one of Goa’s most famous vegetarian restaurant names. They have branches in Siolim, Mapusa, Porvorim, Panjim and Margao. Thus in North Goa you can definitely find a branch of this restaurant at the most prominent locations. The great thing about Navtara is that you can feast on great food at reasonable prices. Taste the flavors of India and pick from the 30 plus dishes on their menu. The menu includes both North and South Indian options. Try the Navtara Special Thali or the cheese pao bhaji or chole bhature for a palate tingling fest!

Location: Panjim, Patto Plaza, Calangute, Calangute Baga Road, Mapusa, Khorlim Mapusa, Porvorim, Siolim, KTC Margao, Malbhat Margao

Approximate Price for two: Rs. 650/-


Saraya Restaurant


Vegetarian Restaurant in Goa - Saraya

If you want to try something different from the traditional Indian vegetarian food then we’ve got just the place for you. It is the Saraya Restaurant. This eco friendly pizzeria is a pure veg and vegan restaurant that only uses organic vegetables that are homegrown. With absolutely delicious wood-fire oven pizzas, they’re any day better and more authentic than a Smoking Joes or Dominos. This quaint little restaurant is located on the Sangolda road and is just a pit stop before you reach Baga or Calangute. So if you’re looking for a burst of Italian flavors here’s the place to eat!

Location: Sangolda

Approximate Price for two: Rs. 600/-




Vegetarian Restaurant in Goa - Jalsa


Step into the past and get entranced with the rich aromas of flavorful spices once you step into Jalsa. This beautiful restaurant has a lovely traditional ambiance. Jalsa is  situated inside Resort Rio in Arpora and is a celebration of Gujarati, Rajasthani and Jaini cuisine. They have won Time Food Awards once once but seven times.  Experience authentic Indian food here with their different thalis, dhoklas, ladoos and kachoris.

Location: Arpora

Approximate Price for two: Rs. 1800/-


Pet Pooja Vegetarian Restaurant


Vegetarian Restaurant in Goa - Pet Pooja


Just a hop, skip and jump away from the serene sand and sea of Vagator beach is Pet Pooja. It is the perfect pocket-friendly place to fill your belly at after a day at the beach. They have an ever-changing menu of different vegetarian food.  This veg restaurant in Goa is perfect if you’re looking for a variety of different food to tingle your taste buds. From Gujarati thalis, Punjabi tandoor dishes, steaming hot Chinese food and even vegetarian Mexican tacos. Even if you are not in the area this restaurant is highly recommended to wow your senses and definitely worth the effort to visit

Location: Vagator

Approximate Price for two: Rs. 400/-


Bean Me Up

Vegetarian Restaurant in Goa - Bean Me Up


This vegan restaurant is perfect for both vegan and vegetarian lovers. It is nestled in an old Portugues villa with an outdoor setting that is the perfect backdrop for Insta-worthy picture.  Bean Me Up in Vagator is perfect is you want to indulge in some delicious and yet different vegetarian food. Treat yourself to some Mango sushi or a Soya Cheese Margarita pizza or even some creamy spaghetti while you’re at this restaurant. To top-up your meal, end it all on a sweet note with their famous vegetarian Chocolate Mousse or Mango Cheesecake. All in all, you’re bound to have an amazing experience along with some brilliant Instagram pictures to take home with you.

Location: Vagator

Approximate Price for two: Rs. 800/-


Nandan Pure Veg Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurant in Goa - Nandan

The Nandan Pure Veg Restaurant is located near the beautiful and picturesque Panjim church. It is a great pure veg spot to eat at if you’re spending time in Goa’s capital city. Quench your thirst with a cooling Kokum drink on arrival.  Thereafter grab a quick bite after wandering through the colorful streets of Fontainhas at this classy and extremely hygienic restaurant. This restaurant streses on using the best and most premium ingredients that ensure your meal tastes the best. Try out their different chaats and dosa or gobble up their kebab platter while you’re there. The place offers a great service from their helpful staff, and a variety of different types of Indian cuisines being served. Nandan Pure Veg Restaurant is definitely a must-visit.

Location: Panjim

Approximate Price for two: Rs. 600/-

Feasting on different types of food is the best part of a holiday. With this post we hope we’ve made it a little easier for you to find the perfect vegetarian restaurant to enjoy a hearty meal at. If you’re making your way to Goa for a holiday and looking for the perfect place to stay at, then we’ve got you covered as well. We here at Goa Casitas have a wide range of holiday home for you to stay at while in Goa. From luxury villas to private apartments in Baga, Calangute and Vagator, be spoiled for choice and pick from a variety of our different properties. Click here to book the perfect getaway home for you!