Goa is India’s biggest party and getaway destination. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people come to Goa from all across the world and from India itself.  They all want to have the holiday of their life, even if it’s just for a few short days. Everyone’s go-to mood on a holiday is to relax, unwind and forget about the rules.  This is more so when you’re in a beach laden tropical paradise such as Goa. That being said, when in Goa it’s a must to keep your head on your shoulders. One must act responsibly as a courtesy to the locals of the state. This is to ensure that the paradise that is Goa remains the same. Here are a few tips to adhere by when in Goa and especially if you’re on one of its gorgeous beaches!

No Drinking in Public Places

In the land of sun, sand and sea the alcohol is ever-flowing and incredibly cheap. No one’s going to blame you for unwinding with a drink or two, that’s why you’re on a holiday after all. While being around good company and a couple of drinks is all fun, there’s a time and place for everything. Drinking on the beach in Goa is a big no-no.  Or for that matter drinking in any public area in Goa is a serious offence.

You can be fined Rs 2,000 or be sentenced to a jail term of up to three months if caught by the police. If caught drinking on the beach in a group with your friends then the fine levied is Rs 10,000 each. If you’re in the mood to sip on a cold beer while you’re at the beach, head over to one of the numerous beach shacks that dot the coast and quench your thirst.

No Vehicles Allowed on the Beach

It may seem like a fun idea to ride or drive off into the sunset on the gold sand, almost as if you’re a hero from a movie.  However in Goa vehicles are strictly prohibited on the beach. Whether it’s white-sand beaches of South Goa or the famous North Goa beaches, it’s best to park at the designated parking areas or on a mud path before the beach starts. You may see a jeep or two driving on the sand while you’re relaxing at the beach.  But those are vehicles that belong to the on-duty lifeguards who patrol the area. If caught riding or driving on the beach, strict action will be taken against you by the police.

No Littering in Public

Goa is a rolling expanse of green hills, forests, fields, rives and beaches. This state’s beauty is what brings so many people to visit each year.  Thus its important  to preserve that beauty everyone must play their part, including you tourists. No one wants to live in a garbage dump. When we’re at home we make sure that we throw our wrappers and plastic bottles into the dustbin. It’s common courtesy that when you’re in another state or anywhere, to do the same.

So, if you’re in Goa or on the beach it’s a must to keep your empty wrapper and bottles with you till you find a dustbin to throw them in. You can always approach a shop or restaurant and ask if you can throw your litter there.  The locals are always happy to help.

Listen to the Lifeguards

Everyone wants to wade into the water and have some fun while you’re at the beach.  But sometimes the tide is just against you. Goa’s beaches look extremely serene and are usually relatively safe. However,  sometimes when the tide is high the water can become dangerous and waves so rough that they may sweep you away. There are always lifeguards on duty at all the beaches here in Goa to ensure that nothing happens to you, your friends or your family. That being said, these lifeguards can only ensure your safety if you listen to them. When they put up a red flag and ask you get out of the water do so at once as the water has become unsafe.

No Nudity on Beaches and Public Places

While almost all things seem acceptable in Goa, nude beaches are still a no-go. In fact, nudity in public places and on beaches in Goa is punishable by law. If you’re in a mood to sunbathe in the nude we suggest doing it at home and not on a beach or any public place. So if you’re thinking about stripping down and sunbathing nude on a beach here, just remember that it’s an offence in Goa. If you’re worried about whether or not you can wear a bikini in Goa, don’t fret.  The locals are extremely open-minded. You can hit the waves in a bikini or your swimming trunks without a worry at all.

Don’t Stare at People on the Beach

If you’re at the beach, you’re bound to see people roaming around in their swimsuits as they should. A lot of foreigners and Indians wear bikinis on the beaches in Goa. While this may not be common in other states it’s extremely common here. Just because they’re wearing a bikini doesn’t mean that you have the right to stare at them. Staring may not be a punishable offence but it is considered to be extremely rude.  It makes the other person uncomfortable and creeped out. So don’t stare or ask foreigners for pictures as it is considered a form of harassment and the locals too will not like it.

Don’t Over Do the PDA on the Beach

While everyone comes to Goa to have a good time there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed.  And one such thing that is not allowed on Goan beaches is exhibitionism. Goans aren’t the Anti-Romeo Squad.  While no one is going to say anything is you hold someone’s hand or give them an affectionate peck.  However having relations on a public beach or even copping a feel in public is a big no-no.  It makes everyone feel uncomfortable and will get you in trouble. After all, the beach is a public place so keep what happens in the bedroom inside the bedroom.

Goa is India’s best budget-friendly holiday destination and you’re bound to have a holiday of a lifetime here if you follow these few tips! When in Goa embrace the culture, food and customs and you’ll experience a whole new side of this party destination, there’s so much more for you to see and do here.

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