Commuting in Goa

Goa is a place where most people come to just relax and it is not uncommon to see many people just stay and enjoy in their resort and not even step out. Then there are others, who love to explore the charm of the city, but often are hesitant because they are not fully aware of the means of transport available. Well, we have got you covered, make your stay at Goa worthwhile and explore as much as possible with the following ways to commuting in Goa


Commuting in Goa on a public bus 

Buses undoubtedly are the cheapest way to get around in Goa and connect all major points in the state. The standard fares start from Rs 10 for up to 3 km. But do remember that while commuting by buses, you might have to walk a little as well, since the buses do cover the major routes, but getting on to the interiors will need some footwork. Also, you will have to change buses at the major depots in order to get around at local routes. For example, if you want to travel from Mapusa to Margao, you will get a bus from Mapusa Bus Stand which will take you to Panaji Bus Stand, and from there you will have to change into the bus that will take you to Margao city.


Pilot Taxi

Goa is the only state that has a motorcycle taxi and this serves as an ideal option if you are a solo traveler. It is cheaper in comparison to taxis and auto rickshaws and also gets you around to the most interior parts of Goa. Although the pilots can take you to any place, finding them could be daunting. You will usually find them at major bus stands, railway stations, and market areas. It is best to keep a couple of numbers with you, in case you want them to pick you up as well after being dropped.


Auto Rickshaw

This too is a convenient mode of transport, but remember to haggle the price. They don’t go by meter and usually have a fixed price up to major points. You will be shelling out a minimum of Rs 50 for a very short ride and up to Rs 500 for a longer one. For example, Panjim To Baga by auto would cost you around Rs 450-500.


Taxis in Goa

These are the most easily available mode of transport in Goa, but also the most expensive. They also do not function on a metered basis and demand exorbitant prices. You must always try and negotiate the fare and come to a mutually agreeable price. It’s best to get around when traveling with family and also during rains. When traveling from the airport to the cities, try and stick to the government-run pre-paid booth for hiring a cab.


Renting a vehicle in Goa

If you love getting around on your own, Goa offers you ample options for hiring a vehicle. From getting a by-cycle for Rs 200 a day to Rs 400 for a geared one, from scooters to fancy bikes ranging from Rs 300-Rs 600 a day and jeeps and cars from Rs 1200-2000 a day, renting a vehicle is quite an easy job in Goa. You can find them almost everywhere and especially around the tourist hubs, in front of hotels, market places, etc.


For all public transports, timing is the key; most modes of transport like Buses, Auto Rickshaws, and Pilots don’t operate after 10PM. Post 10PM you can only rely on taxis or self-driven vehicles.


Whatever mode of transport you choose, make sure you spend a great time exploring this enchanting state of sun, sea, and sand. Goa Casitas property managers will be pleased to connect you to our nearest approved service provider for the above.