Goa is viewed as the land of swaying palms and sun kissed beaches by most of  the tourists. It is true that  Goa does indeed have these beautiful attractions. But  there are a plethora of other hidden gems to discover if one ventures away from the coast.

Architecture and Historical interests

For travelers inclined towards religion or architecture, there are many old churches, mosques, and temples that are a few hundred years old and boast of masterfully created structures and historically interesting stories behind them. The well-known ones are in Old Goa, Ponda, Manguishi and Tambdi Surla.  Every village also has its own places of worship. A visit to these places will also give you an insight into local culture and traditions.

For the Off Track tourists

If you prefer something alternative and off the beaten track there is much for you.  You can check out the flea markets of Anjuna and the Saturday night markets of Arpora. These markets have loads of interesting trinkets and bric-a-brac that are great as souvenirs and gifts. One can also find people from all countries around the world selling handmade products.  There are a few art galleries in Goa where one can find brilliant contemporary paintings and sculptures.

For the Nature Lover

Nature lovers will be pleasantly surprised to know that Goa has much to offer. There are bird watching tours, dolphin and crocodile spotting trips, wildlife sanctuaries and treks to waterfall. This will satisfy their craving for all things closer to nature. However one needn’t go very far, most villages have a few fields and a hillock or two where you can observe the local fauna.

Scuba Diving

The islands of Vasco offer amazing possibilities of scuba diving for the adventure activity enthusiast. Here one can spy sunken ships and perhaps hope to spot hidden treasures.

The staff at all the Casitas properties would be happy to point out to you the local attractions, which will make your holiday fun, memorable and off the beaten track.