What to buy as a souvenir from Goa

Souvenir Shopping in Goa is as interesting as the land itself. There are flea markets as well as interesting night markets as well.

Goa is a coastal state and  tourism has traditionally revolved around its beaches. Thus a lot of souvenirs of Goa are shell-based. Apart from this people like to take back some of the tasty delicacies that Goa is known for. These include cashews and cashew products like Feni as well as port wine. Other great takeaways would include kokum sherbet and Goan chorizo pork sausages. Bebinca, the local dessert is made with coconut, jaggery and eggs. This is also a favorite tourist take away from Goa. Other popular souvenirs are Mario Miranda artworks celebrating the depictions of Goan lifestyle and culture by this erstwhile famous illustrator and cartoonist.


Souvenir Markets

There are many markets all over Goa where one can get great souvenirs to memorialize their visit to Goa. In the season time, there are several flea markets.  The best flea market is the Saturday Night Market in Arpora. It is also called Ingo’s Market after the name of the person who started it. Here, domestic and foreign tourists and locals enjoy shopping for souvenirs and unusual handmade arts and crafts. There is also a great food court with many cuisine options, bar counters and live music.

Besides this market, there is another market closer to Baga on the main road between Baga and Arpora. This one is called the Saturday Night Bazaar, and opened more recently than the Saturday Night Market. It is a little smaller and the offerings are generally not as good. There is also a daytime market on Anjuna Beach every Wednesday which is interesting and has a large Tibetan section. As well as a niche market on Friday nights at Hilltop in Vagator which has a small entry fee. Mapusa Market is a regular bazaar where locals shop but you can also find great souvenirs in the by lanes around the market all throughout the year.


Souvenirs As Gifts

Besides the more commonplace souvenirs, there are many special things available in Goa that you can take back home as gifts. Anjuna, Vagator and Arambol have a lot of hippie clothing shops where you can find unusual fashion, jewelry and home décor in boutiques along the main roads. A couple of good ones are Mermaids, Artjuna and La Muella. You can pick up string or percussion music instruments including ukulele (a kind of small guitar), or a hang drum. Scarves are also available in plenty on the beaches as sarongs and more special hand-woven ones such as those made by the brand ‘Kalakaar’ in boutiques. If you can secure these in bubble wrap, azulejos or blue Portuguese style tiles are very iconic of Goa’s heritage.

One of the joys of being on holiday in Goa is to ride along the streets on a scooter and stop by a shop that looks interesting. You can find your own treasure in every corner of Goa.  One just has to explore the beach shops and markets close to where you are staying. If you are staying at Goa Casitas  properties do ask the staff who will be delighted to guide you to the nearest shopping places.  There’s something available for everyone so be prepared to keep a budget for souvenir shopping when you visit Goa next.