Mapusa a buzzing Goa local market for decades

No trip to Goa would be complete without making at least one shopping visit to Mapusa market place. This vibrant, bustling centre of trade provides more than just shopping. The sights, sounds and smells of the Mapusa market in Goa are an experience that shouldn’t be missed.


Goan spices at Mapuca market in Goa

Goan spices

What should you buy:

As a visitor to Goa, you might like to take back home the food and flavours that have made your holiday special.

The food products that you should consider are the various homemade vegetable and fish pickles, spicy smoked pork sausages, and dried fish. If you consider these an acquired taste, then you are bound to satisfy your sweet tooth in the array of sweet dishes and desserts available here. Bebinca, dodol, pinag bolinias and ‘dos’ are the sweet dish you must try. There is nothing more goan than cashew feni, the local brew. Cashew nuts nibbled along with the feni on a susegad evening is an experience in itself . So grab yourself a bottle or two and try out the masala cashew nuts as well.

You must also visit the fish market, as there are varieties of fish which are not available outside Goa.  Most often these are not found even in the popular restaurants. As the Goa Casitas properties have cooking facilities you can whip up a storm of sea food delights as well during your holiday. Try the rechado, cafreal, xacuti and roast masalas while you are experimenting with Goan cuisine as these are available in the market as well.

If you would rather pick up a curio, visit the pottery section of the Mapusa market.  Here you can get clay items ranging from candle stands to ashtrays and cooking pots to decorative pieces.


What you should do:

Friday is the best day to visit the market as local sellers from other areas come specially on that day. Start the day early as it can get hot and crowded later in the day. Stroll around the market and take in the experience of sound and colour. Bargain when you can. But not with the older women as it is amazing by itself that they are still carrying on with the tradition. Try and chat with the vendors if they are not busy.  You will get a chance to hear some amazing stories and history of the Mapusa market from them.

Mapusa market has an old world charm about it. Do ask our staff at Goa-Casitas for their favourite shops or sections of the market and enjoy yourself exploring the centre of all that is quintessentially Goan.