Lesser Known Virgin Beaches of Goa

Goa has many virgin and beautiful beaches all along its coast which are not so well known. They offer light sands and cool blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Not all the beaches of Goa are the same. In fact, every beach has its own personality. If you are looking for a more relaxed holiday where you can lay on a hammock and read a book or sunbathe without too many people around, read on about three virgin beaches of Goa we think you should check out.

Three Quiet Beaches To Check Out

The three virgin beaches we suggest are both in the far stretches of north and south Goa. The first one is Keri, which is past Arambol. The second one is Cola  is a hike down a cliff somewhat near Cabo da Rama Fort.  The third one being Galjibag, on the southern tip of Goa bordering Karnataka. All three have fairly pristine sands, few people around and a very relaxing ambiance surrounded by nature.

Keri Beach

Keri Beach is close to the more crowded hippie beach of Arambol in north Goa.  It has only a couple of beach shacks serving the basics – beer, soft drinks and Goan food. This is what all of Goa was like 30 years ago. From here, you could also visit Fort Tirakol, which is a short ferry ride from here and has panoramic views.

Cola Beach

This beach is quieter because it’s a little hard to reach. You have to climb down a Cliff side south of Cabo da Rama fort, around 10 kilometers further down and also the same distance from Agonda Beach. But once you get down to the beach, you can enjoy kayaking in the backwaters which flow all the way to the beach. So you can dip in fresh as well as salty water. There are only two resorts here which have restaurants catering to different budgets so you can choose accordingly.

Galjibag Beach

This is like a virgin beach because shacks are not allowed beyond the tree line of beautiful coniferous trees that seem to protect the beach from the rest of the land. Galjibag is where Olive Ridley turtles come to lay their eggs so it is also protected by the forest department. This means that you will not find beach beds here and will have to carry your own sheet or chatai if you want to lay out on the sand. Restaurants here are simple and provide tasty Goan seafood like fresh mussels.

Do Your Part to Help Preserve the Beaches

However, there are some things to keep in mind to preserve the surroundings and leave it just the way you found it so that many more people can enjoy, besides protecting ecology and Goa’s tourism economy. The most important thing is to take back all the waste with you. You can also reduce your consumption of plastic such as straws which are only used once and discarded, as well as plastic water bottles and plastic bags. Respect the surroundings by not playing loud music as turtles are disturbed by this and the villagers also are used to a quieter life here. Rather, engage in fun activities like building sand castles with children and playing Frisbee or other games.

Goa has many popular beaches which are more crowded but when you stray off the beaten path, you are rewarded with beautiful vistas and relaxation with fewer people around. There is also a lot of fun in discovering new places. Do ask the staff of Goa Casitas on how to reach these beautiful virgin beaches of Goa from the property.