To most people, taking a trip to Goa is often restricted to the beaches and nightclubs. These are indeed an excellent way to destress from the crowds and din of the cities. But there are also many interesting and heartwarming things to indulge in Goa. These activities are just as amazing and will bring you closer to nature.

Ancient Caves and waterfall

Archaeological Survey of India protects the Arvalem Caves. You  must visit them if you are interested in history and the outdoors.  They are also known as the Pandava Caves.  This is because, it is also believed that they sheltered the Pandavas through their twelve-year exile. These rock cut chambers were carved into a laterite hill. Make sure you also visit the Arvalem waterfall which is close to the caves.

Wildlife Sanctuary and spring

If waterfalls entice you, then add the Bamanbudo spring to your list. It is embraced deep within the lush forests of the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary in Canacona. This place also well worth spending time in.  This perennial waterfall is a lovely spot to hike to. Just five hundred meters away is a sacred grove with a small shrine known as Paika Pann. The Paika Pann shrine is worshiped by the locals.


Another serene and scenic sight which you should not miss is the Tambdi Surla temple. It is located in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. This 12th-century architectural marvel has been built without any binding between the stones.  It is believed to be the only surviving structure of Kadamba- Yadava architecture.

Bird Sanctuary

The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is located on the Charao island. It is a paradise for bird lovers, besides being home to over a hundred species of birds.  You might also spot otters and crocodiles if you’re lucky. Take the ferry across the Mandovi river to get to the island, it’s a charming way to get there.

Tiracol Fort

Fort Tiracol is definitely worth a visit, its a unique combination of beach, architecture, history and luxury. Built in the 17th century and used by various rulers as an armed fortress. A few years ago it was restored into a heritage hotel and boasts of a baroque style church within the premises.

There are many hidden treasures in Goa that are waiting to be discovered by the curious and the discerning. Have a long leisurely chat with Goa Casitas staff while you stay at our villas and apartments . There is a high possibility that you just might find something completely unexpected in your neighbourhood.