Things to carry on your Goa Holiday – Check List


What Things to carry on Goa Holiday ? This is a question many ask while planning to visit Goa. It is indeed the most relaxing and fun destination to choose for a holiday, but do make sure that you are adequately prepared for the sea, sun and sand to make it the best holiday ever. Make sure to pack a few essential things to make sure that your stay is hassle free.


Water bottle:

Carrying around your own water bottle is just not stylish.  But it is also very good for the environment as it ensures that you will leave less plastic behind. Make sure that it’s the right size to fit in your backpack or tote bag. You can refill it at your hotel or at any restaurant.  This will ensure that you remain hydrated throughout the day.


Straw hat:

The temperatures in Goa can really soar during the summer. You may not realise it while you are in the swimming pool or at the beach. Carry a straw hat or a head cover that you are comfortable in and try to avoid getting too heated up during the day.


Sunglasses :

Wearing sunglasses will not only make you look cool but will also protect your eyes from the rather harsh rays at the beach. Polarized glasses are perhaps better as they absorb the glare from the sand more in comparision to other sunglasses.


Comfortable waterproof shoes :

Cut down the number of things you have to carry to Goa. This is easily achieved by adding a pair of multipurpose comfortable stylish and waterproof shoes to your essentials. So that you’ve got a romantic walk on the beach as well as a stroll through the villages and markets of Goa covered.


Swim wear:

Although this is an obvious one, its better to make sure that you tick it off the list. If you are staying in a hotel that has a swimming pool, you might find it more practical to carry two costumes, one for the pool and the other for the beach. This is because the costume you use at the beach is likely to absorb the beach sand as well.


Sarongs :

This is not only a practical but also a fun accessory to carry to the beach. You will be stylishly attired as well as protected from the sun. This obviously is not required if you are also looking forward to a Goa Tan on your body.


Moisturizer and Conditioner:

The salty water and hot sun can wreck havoc on your hair and skin after a long day at the beach. So make sure that your moisturizer has sunscreen in it and that your conditioner is around to protect your hair from the heat and the humidity.



Cotton clothing:

Having cool comfortable clothing is important on any holiday especially one spent on the beach. However if you are also planning to do a bit of sightseeing around Goa then make sure to pack garments that are appropriate for places of worship. Add a dupatta as well in case your head needs to be covered.


First aid kit:

Its always a good idea to carry around some basic first aid especially if you decide to go exploring into the hinterlands of Goa. Add some mosquito repellent to the bag to ensure trouble free evenings.




Its better to be safe than sorry. Goa has sporadic showers once in a while and its always best to carry a folding umbrella while planning a trip especially from April to August


We hope that you make the most of your holiday in Goa and of your stay at Goa Casitas